Vergnet wins contract of 10 MW for the construction of the first wind farm in Algeria

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Following an international tender, VERGNET announced winning a contract for 24 million euros to build the first wind farm in Algeria.

This project is part of a diversification of energy on the part of Algeria with significant renewable resources and many sites “Farwind.

With a capacity of 10 MW, this farm will be built in Adrar, southern Algeria, and will be operational in 2012.

This contract was obtained from the Society of Engineering Electricity and Gas (CEEG), a subsidiary of public electricity and gas SONELGAZ.

VERGNET The group will design, production and installation of the plant consists of 10 GEV HP wind turbines of 1 MW.

The specification provides a turnaround time of 23 months from the commencement of the contract should be effective soon.

Marc Vergnet said the award of this contract: “We are pleased that Sonelgaz chose Vergnet technology for installing the first wind farm in Algeria. The strategy of innovation undertaken by the group we can now offer efficient and competitive products. This new contract in a country where we were not even present is the sign and contributes to the diversification of our backlog in 2012. “

Source: Vergnet Groupe

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  1. It is not clear whether the 1 MW version has the type approval for serial production. Without type approval and proven field track record, it is not known how a Manufacturer can succeed in a global Tender.

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