ENERGOS EfW facility enters commissioning ahead of schedule

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Commissioning is underway at a second ENERGOS gasification plant at Borregaard Industries, Sarpsborg, in Norway – the company’s eighth energy recovery facility (ERF) in Europe.

Steam is now being generated from waste at the new Sarpsborg ERF as it undergoes rigorous testing as part of the early commissioning process. It is expected to be handed over in May, two months ahead of schedule.

The facility is owned by Norway’s leading power supplier, Hafslund Heat and Power AS, who appointed ENERGOS in February 2008 to deliver the M&E package of their £45 million ERF.

The 32MW ENERGOS plant will process 78,000 tonnes per year of residual commercial and industrial waste – generating up to 250 GWh/a of steam to displace approximately 24,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil that is currently used to power the chemical works. The ENERGOS process will recover in excess of 80% of the energy contained in the non-recyclable waste.

The new plant complements the existing 27MW Ostfold Energi-owned ENERGOS facility that has been generating 185 GWh/a of steam for Borregaard since 2002 – bringing ENERGOS’ total processing capacity in Sarpsborg to 156,000 tonnes.

The new plant will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a total of approx 40,000 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the environmental benefit of four million trees.

ENERGOS, part of UK owned sustainable power group ENER-G (www.energ.co.uk), began operating its first advanced thermal conversion facility in Norway at Ranheim in 1997. The company has since accumulated over 400,000 hours of operating experience at its plants, including its newest ERF in the UK, which opened on the Isle of Wight in 2009. . A further six ENERGOS plants (Newport, Irvine, Lincolnshire, Barry, Doncaster and Knowsley) have received UK planning permission and are targeted to open in 2013.

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