Readying for the PV Terawatt Era

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The European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) organized its annual conference ‘Readying for the TW Era’ in Brussels on 28 May 2019. Over 100 industry leaders as well as top-ranking scientists, engineers and policy makers discussed how the approaching Solar-PV TW era will shape the energy system transition.

The Conference was chaired by the ETIP PV Chairman Marko Topič with an opening address by Mark Van Stiphout, DG Energy, European Commission, followed by the keynote speech “Photovoltaics: is there still a need for R&D and what should come next?” held by Professor Christophe Ballif, EPFL and director of the CSEM PV-center. The conference programme was organised by ETIP PV Vice-Chairman Gaëtan Masson, Becquerel Institute.

ETIP PV Chairman Marko Topič stated: “Photovoltaics is experiencing a worldwide boom, since it reached economic and environmental competitiveness and proves to be the most important sustainable source of electricity. By the end of last year more than 500 GW of PV power plants are in operation globally. In an expected multi-hundred of GW annual market, challenges are numerous for the manufacturing industry, and policymakers. Low solar energy prices are unlocking new innovative business models which will reshape the energy landscape, for electricity consumers, mobility, buildings and the industry.”

The programme of the conference ‘Readying for the PV Terawatt Era’ included:

  • SESSION I: Industry and Market Status: PV entering a new era of massive development, Chair: M. Topič, ETIP PV Chairman
  • SESSION II: Long term Development Options: from clean transportation and smart buildings to solar fuels and more: a PV Vision, Chair: D. Moser, EURAC, ETIP PV Steering Committee Member
  • SESSION III: Challenges for high PV penetration in Europe: the role of innovative policies and cross-cutting business models, Chair: J. Donoso, UNEF
  • SESSION IV: Manufacturing challenges for Europe: filling the gap with competitors, Chair: G. Masson, ETIP PV Vice-Chairman

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