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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

WREA & World Of Renewables Merger Forms World’s Largest Renewable Energy Network

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Tim Pricehttps://worldofrenewables.com/author/worenewables/
Tim is an original member and founder of World Of Renewables. Since 2005, he has steered WoR to an industry leader within the field of renewable energy news reporting. Tim is now Vice-Chairman of WOREA and played a major role in the merger with WREA.

WREA (The World Renewable Energy Association) and World Of Renewables (WoR hereafter) have announced their decision today to merge. As a result, World Of Renewables and WREA will form a brand new association – WOREA.

This union complements each other’s competitive advantage by pairing world leading news content with member driven and OEM based relationships. Together, we aim to deliver unrivalled performance in the renewable energy markets.

As a result, both the subscribers and visitors to WoR and the members of WREA will be unified under the new ‘WOREA’ umbrella.

WOREA become the largest renewable energy association on the planet, with over 318,000 registered members and an audience of 750,000+ monthly visitors.

“We have worked tirelessly to negotiate a partnership unrivalled by any other renewable energy network. Individually, our dominance in the RE arena was unquestionable. Together, our goal remains the same. To provide industry leading support to OEM’s and cutting-edge reporting within the alternative energy sectors.” David Barclay – Chairman, WOREA

“World Of Renewables Network welcome the WREA team. Our goal has always been to grow our reach on a global level. We are particularly pleased therefore with the increased accessibility we now have into industry leading brands & OEM’s within the vertical renewables markets, giving our members and loyal visitor base the additional resources and information that they need.” Mark Nicholls – Managing Director, World Of Renewables

Meet The Team

WOREA headquarters are now located at 1488 Southside Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia. You can Contact Us or call our new switchboard on +1 (786) 871-1199 or email us: editorial@worldofrenewables.com


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