Whitepaper: SMA America – Extreme Engineering for Extreme Conditions

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Intensive Testing is Key to High Performance and Reliable Operation. Earth’s sunbelt offers unparalleled opportunities for development of photovoltaic technologies.

Ample space, extremely high solar irradiation, large areas without reliable energy sources — desert-like regions in the earth’s sunbelt offer interesting opportunities for solar power plants. But desert locations also come with huge challenges. Extreme climate conditions make for high demands on solar technologies. Entirely new concepts are needed in order for advanced technology to help reduce the risks of extreme climate conditions. The following examples will help illustrate this principle.

The inverter is the most vital component of any photovoltaic system, converting DC electricity generated by panels into usable AC power. All components, especially the interior of the inverters, need to be securely sealed to protect them against the damaging effects of sand and dust.

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