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Whitepaper: EPIA – Connecting the Sun

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In many ways, PV is already providing grid-integration solutions. PV is meeting a growing share of electricity demand at increasingly competitive cost without creating undue strain on the power system. By making smart choices now to improve energy infrastructure, European policymakers can ensure that the EU’s ambitious energy and decarbonisation goals are met.

The increasing role played by renewable energy sources, including PV, requires a new perspective on Europe’s power system management. Under all scenarios envisioned for the coming decades, PV will play an important part of Europe’s electricity mix – as much as 25% by 2030. “Connecting the Sun: Solar photovoltaics on the road to large-scale grid integration”, shows how Europe’s electricity system can integrate high levels of solar PV in the coming decades

Click here to access the Shorter and the Full versions of the report, a comprehensive presentation of the main findings, as well as – Exclusively for EPIA Members – all figures and tables (after log-in on to the Members Area).

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