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Thermal and Biological Processes for Electricity and Heat Generation from Municipal Solid Waste: Market Analysis and Forecasts.

In a world of growing populations, rising standards of living, and increased urbanization, the volume of waste is escalating steadily. The gigantic amounts of waste that are hauled to dumps and accumulate in heaps and open pits have grown to become a major environmental issue. However, technological developments, economic conditions, and public policy trends are now aligning to create a significant market opportunity for waste-to-energy (WTE) plants, which utilize municipal solid waste (MSW) for the production of electricity and heat.

Today, more than 900 thermal WTE plants operate around the world and treat an estimated 0.2 billion tons of MSW with an output of approximately 130 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity. Waste collected in cities contains a large amount of biological and renewable materials, and is therefore a promising source of renewable energy. As a consequence, energy-from-waste is a strong potential contributor to energy security and diversification, and matches the growing demand for renewable energy in a carbon constrained world. Combustion is currently the leading WTE technology and is entrenched in the market. However, advanced thermal treatment (ATT) technologies such as plasma-arc gasification are emerging in the market, and biological technologies for treating waste also offer an attractive alternative to thermal WTE methods.

This Pike Research report analyzes the global market opportunity for waste-to-energy technologies as a means of generating electricity and heat from municipal solid waste. The study includes a comprehensive examination of economic and market drivers, existing and emerging technology options for WTE, the public policy and regulatory environment, and key industry players. Market forecasts, segmented by geography and technology category, extend through 2016.

Key questions addressed:

  • What are the regulatory, technological, and economic market drivers for WTE?
  • What is the role of WTE in the mix of primary and renewable energy resources?
  • How will WTE help to mitigate GHG emissions, displace fossil fuel use, provide renewable energy, and improve energy security?
  • How is the market structured and who are the key market players?
  • What is the size of the WTE market opportunity by region and technology category?

Who needs this report?

  • Thermal WTE equipment and component suppliers
  • Biological WTE equipment and component suppliers
  • Developers of new WTE technologies
  • Suppliers of steam and gas turbines and engines, measurement instruments, advanced and corrosion resistant materials
  • Municipal and private owners and operators of WTE plants
  • Utilities
  • Government agencies
  • Investor community

For more on this report: http://www.pikeresearch.com/research/waste-to-energy-technology-markets

Source: Pike Research

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