Three Maine Biomass Companies complete Trade Mission to Austria and Speak at World Sustainable Energy Conference

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The use of alternative energy has been incorporated into European mainstream for decades.

BETHEL, Me. (March 15, 2011) – Earlier this month Maine Energy Systems, FutureMetrics and Corinth Wood Pellets represented Maine’s thermal biomass industry travelled to Wels, Austria, in a corporative effort to strengthen relations with several high-tech European alternative energy companies.

This delegation, Les Otten and Dutch Dresser of Maine Energy Systems, Bill Strauss of FutureMetrics and George Soffron of Corinth Wood Pellets, all seen as pioneers in Maine’s biomass industry and the leading experts in United States organized this trip to bring back knowledge and technology to Maine and New England.

The use of alternative energy has been incorporated into European mainstream for decades. Austria is the world leader in wood pellet technology and engineering is the world leader. Over 70% of the homes in Austria use thermal biomass such as wood pellets for heat. While there the delegation met with several thermal biomass related companies including Tropper ( a company that specializes in vehicle-bodies, technology and equipment for solids transportation and processing and OkoFEN ( that has developed a state-of-the-art wood pellet boiler system currently being sold by Maine Energy Systems.

During this trip the group attended the World Sustainable Energy Conference. The World Sustainable Energy Conference is the largest annual alternative energy conference in Europe. The conference covers sustainable energy production and use, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. This year over 700 alternative energy industry leaders from 56 countries attended this conference. Dutch Dresser representing Maine Energy Systems and Bill Strauss were the only invited speakers from the US to speak at this conference.

Headquartered in Bethel, ME, Maine Energy Systems(MESYS) is Maine’s leading distributor of wood pellet boilers systems and wood pellet bulk delivery. MESYS pioneered the introduction of automatic wood pellet boiler systems and bulk pellet distribution to the U.S. beginning in June 2008. MESys was motivated by the New Englanders’ extraordinary dependence on #2 oil for home, business, and institutional heating. For more information, please visit

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