Hydrothermal Energy to Boost Power Generation Capacity in India

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India’s total installed capacity is projected to add around 44,196 MW by 2013-14, says RNCOS.

Thermal and hydro power accounts for the majority of the power generation in India, which is projected to remain the key source of energy for the next few years. Besides, India has huge capacity to generate power from thermal and hydro power. Although alternative sources for instance solar, nuclear and wind will add capacities, thermal and hydro will lead the way during the next few years. Installation of new thermal and hydro power plants with enhanced capacity will add growth in the overall installation till 2014.

According to our research report “India Power Sector Analysis”, total installed capacity is likely to cross 200 GW by 2013-14. Huge investments made by both private and public sector companies will propel growth in the Indian power sector in future. Additionally, establishing merchant power plants will fuel growth in the power capacity. Merchant power plants have huge potential in India due to high electricity demand and rapid industrialization. The merchant power plant enables generators to choose a buyer with negotiated price.

We have also found that, the interest of private sector in power generation is due to the possibility of selling power at high prices in the present supply constrained scenario. The merchant power plants can either contribute towards regular supply of electricity or support the power system, when the demand is high. Besides, open access in transmission will provide a right of way to sell power to buyers at any location. Merchant power plants have many options to sell power to customers through different channels.

According to our research, rising industrialization and high growth in the overall economy will create demand for more energy in the coming years. “India Power Sector Analysis” provides the overall scenario of India’s power sector along with state wise analysis. The report also analyzes unexplored opportunities and various industry developments in India’s power sector. Moreover, special emphasis has been given to the non-conventional energy source including wind, solar, and nuclear power in the report. The report provides all the necessary information required to understand India’s power sector.

For more on this report visit: http://www.rncos.com/Report/IM114.htm

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