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– Solar Thermal Systems can be Planned and Simulated Quickly and Effectively with T*SOL basic 5.0

With the introduction of T*SOL® basic 5.0, Berlin-based Valentin Software adds a practical tool with a modern interface, simple user navigation and new design assistance to the T*SOL® range. The software provides users with convincing arguments to present to customers considering investing in a solar thermal system. Free demos, tutorials and webinars: In particular for residential buildings, T*SOL® basic 5.0 allows both beginners and professional planners to rapidly design, simulate and clearly present the planned solar thermal system, including a yield forecast and financial analysis. With 20 pre-configured standard systems, T*SOL® basic 5.0 covers around 80% of the systems used for housing in Europe and the USA. The menus and features in T*SOL® basic 5.0 have been adapted to the current needs and requirements of the solar industry. The integrated design assistant for collectors, storage tanks and boilers gives the planner concrete design proposals that can be compared to one another. In addition to the pre-configured systems, component databases are available with 1,600 collectors, 700 storage tanks, as well as 1,100 boilers and heaters. T*SOL® basic 5.0 includes convenient functions such as favorites management, searching in tabulated texts, and sorting/filtering of components. The integrated photo-dimensioning program “Photo Plan” makes it possible to realistically present the customer’s roof with the planned solar thermal system and also facilitates customer acquisition. And the heating and hot water consumption for swimming pools can be just as effectively planned and simulated with T*SOL® basic 5.0. The latest climate data from the Geman Weather Service (DWD) is delivered with T*SOL® basic 5.0. For Germany alone, around 450 locations are available. Overall, the climate database of the MetoeoSyn tool, which is included in T*SOL® basic 5.0, contains more than 8,000 locations worldwide. T*SOL® basic 5.0 is available in five languages – English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – as are the user handbook and the context-sensitive help facility. Valentin Software’s regular free introductory webinars for the design and simulation of a solar thermal system make it even easier for users to get started. Valentin Software Looking back on 20 years of successful corporate history, Valentin Software has since become the world market leader in planning software for sustainable energy supply with the brands T*SOL®, GeoT*SOL® und PV*SOL® for dynamic simulation, design, yield and financial analysis of solar thermal, heat pump and photovoltaic systems. Valentin Software’s customers include engineers, designers, architects, installers and building technicians, as well as leading manufacturers in the electrical, heating and building services sectors. Further information on Valentin Software and the full range of products is available on

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