Sonnenstromfabrik cooperates with Solar Supply Sweden

Wismar (D) / Karlshamn (SE), 5. April 2019 – Sonnenstromfabrik (CS Wismar GmbH), one of the most innovative and qualitatively leading manufacturers of solar modules in Europe, is now cooperating with Solar Supply Sweden AB. Solar Supply is one of the largest PV equipment wholesalers on the Swedish market. As a subsidiary of the E.ON Group, Solar Supply is also the module supplier for the Swedish energy company E.ON.

E.ON aims to emphasize CO2 footprint of its photovoltaic components – modules of Sonnenstromfabrik will play a major role in this context.

Different to most manufacturers, CS Wismar GmbH’s Sonnenstromfabrik has put reduction of CO2 emissions during production of its solar modules as a major claim and has audited its CO2 optimized production processes by an external institute. The production facilities are mainly powered with solar power from the company’s own solar modules and latest filter technologies are applied. Compared to the German industry average, the plant emits approx. 40% less CO2, and compared with Chinese competitors, the difference is even 70%. With its Low Carbon module series, Sonnenstromfabrik uses only raw materials from CO2-audited manufacturers.

Sonnenstromfabrik has already won significant number of projects with low carbon footprint modules in France and now observes increasing interest in other European countries.

Sonnenstromfabrik glass/glass modules and modules for building integration complete the portfolio of its new Scandinavian partner.

Dr. Bernhard Weilharter, Managing Director of Sonnenstromfabrik: “We are proud of this new cooperation. For us, this proofs our strategy to put emphasis on CO2 footprint and sustainable solar module production. The market, especially in Germany, is triggered mainly by cost minimization. Innovation, sustainability, environmental and labour standards are often neglected when it comes to price comparison with low cost Asian suppliers. E.ON and Solar Supply Sweden are important partners in order to sensitize the market about the need for sustainable production of solar technology.”