Schneider Electric secures over 100MW in India with the new Conext Core XC Inverter

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Rueil Malmaison (France), October 31, 2012 – Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, has secured over 100MW projects in India with the new Conext Core XC Inverter within 3 months after the launch at Intersolar Europe 2012 in June. The Conext Core XC Series is a new line of central inverters designed for ground-mounted solar farms & large commercial buildings.

Schneider Electric is providing integrated solutions to its customers including the PV Box, array boxes, monitoring & control, and the grid connection substations. The PV Box is a factory integrated, tested & validated plug & play power conversion system that contains two Conext Core XC inverters, a DC combiner box, a step-up transformer, medium voltage switch and other accessories and is adapted to the meet the local installation conditions. This enables customers to reduce construction lead time, lower the costs of commissioning and enhance uptime thanks to qualified & reliable design.

‘’Schneider Electric is committed to provide bankable solar solutions to help meet India’s growing demand for power. We are extremely proud to have been able to gain confidence of Solar Project Developers and EPCs in this fast growing market. The reliability & the competitiveness of our integrated solution coupled with our ability to meet local conditions and provide local support were determining criteria,‘’ declared Laurent Bataille, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric’s Solar Business.

Schneider Electric provides bankable photovoltaic solutions for any size installation, together with a long-term support from a global company with over 175 years of experience. Schneider Electric products are present at every link in the energy chain, helping customers get the most efficient solar harvest from their installations thanks to qualified and reliable integrated solutions.

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