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Blogs Opinion: REA responds to Minister’s comments on onshore wind

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Following reports of comments made by Energy Minister John Hayes in today’s Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph [1], REA Chief Executive Gaynor Hartnell comments:

“We very much welcome that Minister John Hayes recognises renewables have a crucial part to play in the future of the UK energy mix. His personal views on onshore wind farms are well known and we welcome DECC’s clarification that his views do not signal a change in Government policy.

“This situation illustrates the need for top level leadership. Ministers’ public disagreements on renewable energy policy are damaging to investor confidence. The public would be best served by a cross-party consensus on investment in energy infrastructure. The Coalition really needs to put the national interest ahead of party-politics given the gravity of our energy challenge.

“It is important to note that communities have benefitted from wind farms in various ways, including significant funds for community based projects relating to education, the environment and energy saving.

“We look forward to seeing positive and proactive leadership from central Government, with the publication of the Energy Bill, to give industry the confidence to deliver the modern infrastructure we need, and hope to meet with the Minister soon to discuss how renewable energy is not just about reducing carbon but is also crucial for jobs, skills and growth in the economy.”

Articles that this blog refers to:

1. The Daily Mail: ‘Minister signals end of the wind farm: We can’t pepper turbines across the country – enough is enough, declares energy minister’, 30th October 2012. Available at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2225531/Minister-signals-end-wind-farm-We-pepper-turbines-country–declares-energy-minister.html

The Daily Telegraph: ‘Death knell for wind farms: ‘Enough is Enough’ says minister’, 30th October 2012. Available at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/9644558/Death-knell-for-wind-farms-Enough-is-Enough-says-minister.html

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