Revergy new contracts achieved in eight wind farms in Brazil and opened headquarters in Sao Paulo

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The Spanish company collaborates with Spanish and Brazilian coordinated teams and expects that its technological expertise in renewable energy field would contribute to the development of this sector in Latin America.

Sao Paulo.- Revergy, the Spanish engineering firm specializing in renewable energy has opened an office in Brazil. So far in 2014, it has obtained three new contracts for the works supervision and quality inspections at eight wind farms in Brazil with a total installed capacity of 220 MW.

Revergy is a part of Grupo Isotrol and is consolidating its presence in Latin America by opening a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which will also be supported by its own department that specializes in Operations and Maintenance (O&M) located in Natal. The Brazilian branch is the second office of the Spanish company on this continent; the first one is located in Mexico. Both offices are expected to become benchmarks in the growing renewable energy sector in Latin American countries.

Not surprisingly, Brazil was on the list of top the 10 countries that invested in renewable energy in 2012 and Mexico was the second country with the largest increase of investments in this sector. Analysts expect these countries to continue growing at a 10%-18% rate by 2020.

Revergy counts with a high level of technological expertise and proven experience in renewable energy projects carried out all over the world and it has signed agreements with the largest companies in the Brazilian wind energy sector. Moreover, it draws support from Grupo Isotrol, a company with almost 30 years of experience in the energy sector, projects that have been successfully carried out in more than a dozen of countries and over 250 staff members.

Currently, the company performs inspection and quality control works prior to the end of a guarantee period in six wind farms located in Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia regions of Brazil.

The scope of such inspections is aimed at reviewing the condition of the entire installation, including substations and each wind turbine and they are focused on the detection of serial breakdowns and faults. These inspections are of key importance, since they have a direct impact on future operating expenses not included in the project finance.

Moreover, Revergy has already started to share its “know-how” at the development phase of new wind farms by performing quality inspections during the manufacture and assembly of wind turbine parts at a factory as well as supervising electricity, civil and mechanical works at the construction site. Such works ensure that the project is executed in compliance with regulations and start-up times applicable to the wind sector.

Some of these services are provided at two wind farms located in the Rio Grande do Norte state, which include the inspection and receipt of materials as well as supervision of assembly tasks at the plant.

If necessary, the company can also provide supervisory services on O&M works during the guarantee period, once the wind farm commences its operations.

Post guarantee

After the end of the manufacturer’s guarantee period, Revergy offers an opportunity to manage the developer’s wind farm by using its range of services and mixed Spanish and Brazilian teams, as well as the execution of all pertinent works, which is a safe and necessary option for cost reduction in OPEX budgets (Operating expense).

Moreover, it offers supply and repair services for large and small parts: in fact, the company repairs over 600 wind turbine gearboxes per year.

Lastly, the range of services provided by Revergy includes its Control Centres and SCADAS systems, where it uses its own CER technology to monitor and control over 8GW of capacity installed all over the world at different sources of renewable energy.

The Spanish company also has its own Control Centre, which provides support services to wind farms and substations in the 24×7 mode, minimizing outages in generation and acting as an intermediary with a network operator.

About Grupo Isotrol

Grupo Isotrol was founded in Spain in 1984 and it specializes in monitoring and control systems in the energy field. Currently it counts with a strong international presence with projects carried out in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, UK, USA, Spain, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Tunisia.