Renewable solutions power global health and energy production needs

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Around the world, renewable energy systems have developed to the point where they are now a competitive, effective and preferable alternative to conventional electricity sources in satisfying fundamental human needs, ranging from health care to energy extraction and production.

In Haiti, the internationally-renowned Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) turned to solar energy enabled by OutBack power-conversion systems to provide electricity at seven health centers previously dependent on diesel generators. Without reliable 24/7 electricity, vaccines and medicines can’t remain cold, incubators can’t stay warm, accurate diagnostics are impossible, and surgeries more  risky in sub-standard lighting.  Now, renewable solar energy provides more than 90% of these hospitals’ power needs and greatly reduce noise and emissions, further contributing to community health.

In Turkey, renewable energy contributes to both economic growth and geopolitical stability.  Istanbul Energy designs and builds the innovative Triac series of hybrid portable energy stations for community and commercial applications to replace costly to operate and maintain diesel generators.  In Turkmenistan, Triac systems with OutBack components on-board power oil and natural gas field production in that energy-rich region, and help ensure reliability and stability in the critical fuel supply chain spanning from Asia to Europe.

Source: Outback Power