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Enphase technology is a totally new and different way to design, install and maintain solar PV installations. And the outcome is a more productive, smarter, safer and more reliable system.

Not all PV systems are made equal. In the past, the accepted industry standard was to install string inverters. An alternative way has been to look at each module as an individual unit, powered by a microinverter and operating independently within the solar array. It took years before the first commercially viable microinverter was launched into the market in 2008.

From that moment on Enphase began to change the solar landscape, and the Enphase System has seen rapid adoption globally with more than 5 million units now shipped worldwide. Unlike standard inverters with dozens of models and types to meet the varying needs of a PV system, Enphase offers two models of microinverterboth backed by a 20-year warranty, the M215 and the just released M250, to meet all design and installation needs of arrays with different sizes and features. Enphase makes use of three advanced components, microinverters, Envoy Communications Gateway and Enlighten monitoring platform, that work together to make solar PV significantly smarter, safer, more productive, and reliable than traditional string and central inverter-based systems.

Enphasemicroinverters installed beneath each solar panel, maximize the production of each panel and converts the DC (direct current) power from the panel into standard AC (alternating current) electricity. The Envoy Communications Gateway is the networking hub and acts as a messenger between every microinverter and the Enlighten software platform, collecting energy production data over the existing electrical wiring and sending data over the Internet to Enlighten.

Finally the Enlighten platform is an advanced web-based monitoring software which, unlike conventional monitoring systems that only check the inverter, continuously monitors the health and performance of the entire array, remotely,  24 hours a day. Overall, the Enphase System provides a total solution to increase and maximize the benefits of PV, which translates into higher energy production, unmatched safety, increased reliability and an unprecedented level of intelligence of the system.

A solution that is rapidly becoming the solar technology of choice for small systems, mid-size installations, and commercial plants.

Source: Enphase

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