Moventas Completes Challenging Offshore Service Project

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Moventas, the leading wind and industrial gear manufacturer and service provider, has recently completed another full wind turbine drivetrain service project in extreme conditions.

Moventas started the on-site part of a full drivetrain repair project of four 3MW turbines in Sweden in June. The serviced turbines are located in Vindpark Vänern Kraft AB’s offshore wind park on Europe’s third-largest lake, Vänern.

The 13-week long project consisted of the refurbishment of four 3MW drivetrains, two of which were replaced with a Moventas gearbox. Four full factory services with refurbishment of components were executed in Moventas’ service facilities in Finland. All of the turbines were also equipped with the Moventas Condition Management System, CMaS, completed with a remote diagnostics service.

Planned by ÅF Industry in Karlstad, the project was executed on the weather’s terms, as the turbines were accessible only during favourable wind conditions. The schedule was thus tight as offshore logistics included moving specific tools, cranes and other lifting equipment, as well as the repaired and replacement gears on a fleet of boats.

– The Moventas team were professionals working with high-level skills, and I am very satisfied with their work and attitude, says ÅF project leader Tomas Krook.

Fast and effective factory repair was also a key factor in the project. This was the first time that the entire service process for this gear type was turned around so quickly. Two gearboxes were bought by customer making refurbishment possible before lifting. Furthermore, lifting could then be executed with exchange lift instead of a remove/repair lift. New geared parts were ready and waiting to be changed, when the old gearboxes arrived. Factory service was executed in only 12 days, according to a detailed process plan.

– Flexibility and fast turnaround of the workshop project allowed us to adjust our operations on-site depending on the weather. On windier days the team was preparing for the next wind gap, and when it appeared, we could react promptly, says Moventas Service’s EMEA region Vice President Antti Turunen.

During the workshop repair, representatives of Vindpark Vänern Kraft AB visited the service facilities in Finland to see the condition of their old geared parts and to witness how the service is done in the factory.

– We were very impressed with the state of the art factory and workshop, with a high class working environment and with the dedication of the whole organization for this project, says Project Manager Jan Lundberg from Vindpark Vänern.

Last tests and check-ups were completed on Vänern’s turbines two weeks ago. Everything was in order and the turbines are again running smoothly, with Moventas CMaS keeping an eye on all of them and preventing future damages.

The success in these challenging repairs proves that Moventas is able to carry out the most difficult drivetrain repairs in the wind industry fast and effectively.


Moventas is one of the world’s leading industrial and wind gear manufacturers providing power transmission solutions to a variety of industries including the wind energy, pulp and paper, mining, and marine markets in addition to supplying comprehensive services for the overhaul, maintenance and remote management of gears. Moventas has 950 employees in 15 countries and a worldwide partner network. Moventas is part of the global engineering group Clyde Blowers. Read more at

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