Danfoss Symposium Explores Next Gen Energy Technology

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Participants discusses natural gas prices, solar energy and micro-grids for whole-building applications.

Danfoss, a leading manufacturer of high efficiency electronic and mechanical components and controls for HVACR and motion systems, recently held its 19thEnVisioneering Symposium, “Building and Energy Infrastructure,” at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center.

The symposium brought together 50 leaders from HVAC equipment manufacturers, building consultancies and contractors, utilities, advocacy groups and experts in research and policy. Among their discussions was a look at new opportunities in next generation energy technology for commercial buildings. Specifically, participants focused on the impact of natural gas prices and advances in solar, storage, demand response and micro-grids on the potential of commercial buildings and the implications for a whole-building-systems-based building standards and market value.

Current events — such as the transformative conditions facing the building community, by volatility in electrical power and building markets, and opportunities for new paths in equipment design and building delivery — helped to frame the presentations. Speakers included: ….

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