MDA EarthSat Weather's Wind Generation Forecast Expanded to Now Include AESO

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MDA EarthSat Weather announced today that their current wind generation forecast product has now been expanded to include AESO (Alberta).


Already providing accurate and reliable hourly forecasts for ERCOT, MISO, and BPA, PJM, CAISO and IESO, this web-based system uses state-of-the-art ensemble forecast methods to produce hourly forecasts for lead times of up to ten days. In the short-term forecast, statistical techniques learn from wind data and power variations and develop highly accurate predictive relationships between present wind and future conditions.

In the day-ahead and longer term forecasts, our ensemble method removes model biases, and weights models according to their skill, greatly improving forecast skill over any single model technique. In verifications, correlation coefficients are near 0.9 in the day-ahead market, with mean absolute errors of less than 10% of generation capacity. “We’re always on the lookout for improvements in our techniques that can squeeze every bit of predictive power from wind and wind generation observations and from the dynamical forecast models.

We’re especially excited by our improving skill in the 3-4 hour range, where a combination of dynamical and statistical modeling is required for an optimal forecast,” says Dr. Dan Kirk-Davidoff, Chief Scientist at MDA EarthSat.

For more information on this service, or to set up a trial, please contact Chris Hyde at 240-833-8322.

About MDA EarthSat Weather:

EarthSat Weather ( is the leading consulting group for weather risk and commodity weather products and services in the world. EarthSat Weather maintains a short-, medium-, and long-range forecast service; provides special reports on key market-moving concerns; and maintains high levels of communication, including 24/7/365 consultation with its worldwide client base. Our key clients include analysts and traders in weather risk, energy, and agricultural markets. MDA EarthSat Weather is a business area within MDA Information Systems, Inc., a provider of essential geospatial data and analysis for decision making.

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