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PassivSystems adds performance benchmarking for solar PV portfolios

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UK-based energy management and monitoring company PassivSystems has announced that the new generation of its solar-monitoring platform PassivLiving Professional will include new metrological benchmarking metrics to optimise the performance of solar portfolios and remove the need for on-site pyrometers.

The new version of PassivLiving Professional – a solar-pv monitoring platform provided by UK-based energy-management company PassivSystems – will add two new benchmarking metrics based on metrological irradiation data, removing the need for onsite pyrometers. Users will be able to see generation as a percentage of these benchmarks and will be alerted if performance falls below specified boundaries. The new version will be launched at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi on Monday 16th January 2012.

“With Feed-in-Tariff rates falling across many solar markets, it is more important than ever for investors to monitor and optimise the performance of distributed solar portfolios in order to protect themselves from risk,” says PassivSystems CEO Colin Calder. “PassivLiving Professional is already in widespread use in European solar portfolios and we expect the new benchmarking features to confirm it as a key differentiator of profitability.”

The two new performance benchmark calculations are irradiance-adjusted anticipated yield (which adjusts the static yield calculation for each installation to account for the irradiation measured over hourly intervals) and theoretical yield (which uses first principles based on peak output of the panels, measured irradiation, and the angle of the sun over hourly intervals). Irradiation data for these two calculations is sourced from weather stations, to remove the need for an on-site Pyrometer.

Existing features of the product include monitoring and performance reporting with half-hourly resolution for portfolios; search and group management to allow collective analysis or drilling down to individual sites; reporting tailored to different criteria and timescales to suit business processes; tracking of key subsidy dates and provision of remote meter readings for large portfolios of installations; comprehensive alarms to minimise down-time; and a secure online portal tailored to multiple stakeholders, such as installers and financiers.

PassivLiving Professional is available now from PassivSystems. All current users of PassivLiving Professional and new orders of the system will be upgraded to have access to these new features in February 2012.

Find PassivSystems by the Project Village at World Future Energy Forum, Abu Dhabi, 16-19th January 2012

About PassivSystems

PassivSystems is a home-energy management company that provides smart solutions in the area of heat and hot-water management, home energy-assessment, and the management of onsite heat and power generation. The company also conducts extensive studies on consumer behaviour and energy-efficiency in collaboration with a range of government and industry stakeholders. It was founded in 2008 by founder Colin Calder and employs 60 people across offices in the UK and Denmark. PassivSystems has been named in the Guardian Cleantech 100 and The Red Herring Global 100, as well as the UK Technology Strategy Board’s Clean and Cool Mission 2010.

Media Contact (London) – Toby Guise: toby@wagtale.co.uk or +44 7527 395 736 Media Contact (Abu Dhabi) – Colin Calder: colin.calder@passivsystems.com

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