ISOFOTON to sell photovoltaic panels to AMP for a 4.2 MW power generation project

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American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) has committed to purchase solar panels from ISOFOTON for a 4.2 MW solar generation project AMP is developing in Napoleon, Ohio.

AMP is pursuing the development of new generation projects, including increased renewable projects, to mitigate its members’ current exposure to the wholesale electric market and to further diversify power supply portfolios. The purchase from Isofoton supports this effort and AMP is looking forward to the relationship.” The deal brings quality products from ISOFOTON, one of the most experienced manufacturers in the PV industry, together with SOLSI´s know-how and trade capacity in several European markets.

ISOFOTON is expected to begin manufacturing on US soil in 2012. This is the second major commercial deal the company has closed in the country in recent months. The new agreement displays the growth potential in the US for solar panel producers, such as ISOFOTON, which has more than 30 years experience in the sector and is approved to sell in the US market. The US has shown strong support for renewable energy, and photovoltaics is one of the supported technologies for power generation in states such as California and New Jersey.

ISOFOTON is a global company present in over 60 countries, pioneering and leading the design, manufacture and delivery of Solar Energy Solutions while contributing to the sustainable development of the planet. The company focuses on three technological areas: Photovoltaics, Thermal and High Concentration Photovoltaics.


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