Homeowners in Switzerland see the energy transition as an opportunity

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Swiss homeowners link mainly positive aspects to the energy transition, such as their own contribution to climate protection. This is shown in the results of a current survey from EuPD Research. However, a complete analysis of the portfolios of all Swiss energy suppliers in regards to products, services and information regarding the energy transition shows, that their offer is still expandable. This year the Swiss utilities with the best energy transition portfolios will be awarded with the Energiewende Award.

Bonn. A current survey of 215 homeowners in Switzerland shows that the opportunities of the energy transition are mainly assessed positively. Two thirds of the survey participants prioritized climate protection. Here the homeowners see the opportunity to further participate in climate protection. Nearly every second surveyed homeowners sees the energy transition as an opportunity to invest more in order to be more self-sufficient in regards to energy supply. Furthermore, there is the option to invest in renewable energies, such as an own photovoltaic system, to make an attractive investment.

Half of the survey participants fear that rebuilding the energy system exclusively with renewable energies may cause increasing electricity prices. In addition to that, a third of all homeowners are concerned that the energy transition will lead to a decreasing supply guarantee.

Swiss utilities, which are a central contact for households in regards to questions concerning energy, are still hesitant when it comes to offering products and services for the energy transition. The analysis of all 253 utilities in Switzerland, which was carried out by market- and economic researcher EuPD Research, shows that merely 16% of the energy suppliers offer private households and commercial customers the opportunity to buy and install a photovoltaic system. Amongst those who offer photovoltaics are particularly large energy suppliers with more than 249 employees.

The survey of private households and the analysis of the portfolios of the utilities, represent the central elements of the annual analysis of the “Energiewende Award” for energy suppliers. In 2018, for the first time, EuPD Research will analyze not only the energy transition portfolios of German utilities, but also those of Austrian and Swiss energy suppliers. The results of the analysis of all 1.700 utilities in the DACH-region, as well as the award ceremony for the best energy suppliers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will take place on June 21, 2018 as part of the new innovative platform The smarter E Europe in Munich, which unites the popular trade fairs Intersolar Europe and ees Europe as well as the new exhibitions Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power. The best energy suppliers will be awarded in the categories electricity, heat, mobility, efficiency and, in general, the energy transition. The smarter E, the DCTI German CleanTech Institute and EuPD Research are the initiators of this project.

In case you have any questions, please get in touch with project manager Julian Lückerath, either by phone +49 228 97143-53 or by e-mail: lueckerath(at)energiewende-award.de