Blayney Wind Farm

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Grid-connected, distributed generation, renewable

Location: New South Wales

Wind Turbine
The 15 wind turbines have a hub height of 45 metres and a rotor diameter of 47 metres, each with an electricity capacity of 660 kW. Power control is exercised through the use of fully pitchable blades to maintain a constant speed of about 28 rpm. Blade rotation is transmitted through a gearbox to a generator that produces electricity at 690 volts.

Each wind turbine is linked to its own 690/11,000 volt transformer and then to a 11,000/66,000 volt substation. The substation is linked by a 66,000 volt overhead line to an existing Advance Energy 66,000 volt transmission line.

Site Ownership
The wind farm is situated on two farming properties whose families have long been associated with grazing in the district. The traditional rural activities can be continued right up to the base of the wind turbine towers and will continue during the operation of the wind farm over the next 20 years. The wind turbines have minimal impact on their rural properties. Wind power has the potential to create a new rural-based industry to
complement existing rural business and to diversify the source of farm incomes.

Environmental Impact
Pacific Power International undertook careful planning of the wind farm site, turbine layout, associated infrastructure and stakeholder consultation and minimised any potential environmental impact including potential visual, noise, flora and fauna and radio and television interference impacts.

Owner: Eraring Energy
Capacity: 9.9 MW
Location: Blayney, NSW
Commissioned: October 2002
Capital Cost: $18 million
Construction Contractor: Consolidated Power Projects Australia
Operator: Eraring Energy

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