Alinta commits to 212MW wind farm, biggest in Western Australia

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Alinta Energy on Monday announced that it will go ahead with the 214MW Yandin wind farm, north of Perth, and build what will be the  biggest wind farm in Western Australia, just beating the 207MW Collgar facility in the state’s wheat-belt.

Yandin has been on the cards for several years, and initially proposed by the development company Wind Prospect, but Alinta has finally given the go-ahead and appointed Vestas – the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturer – to be the engineering, procurement and construction partner. 

The Yandin wind farm will comprise 51 of Vestas’ 4.2 MW turbines and will deliver a capacity factor of around 50 per cent, putting it at or near the peak of Australian wind farms.

It has planning approval to install 90 turbines, but has so far just chosen to use the best sites. The wind resource – mostly from the famous “Fremantle Doctor” has reasonably reliable and predictable.

It is located near the town of Dandaragan, around 175km north of Perth, in the heart of the state’s so-called “mid west”, which is rich in both wind and solar resources.

The project is expected to cost approximately $400 million and will generate around 150 jobs during construction. It could add solar at a later date, joining other projects where wind and solar are co-located.

Alinta last year called for tenders for up to 1,000MW of wind and solar projects, and was swamped with more than 100 different proposals.  Three of these targeting the NSW market have now been shortlisted, with an announcement on the first expected in the next few months.