aleo solar supplies PV modules with 5.8 MW capacity in Turkey

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aleo solar is supplying solar panels for four large-scale photovoltaic projects in Turkey with a cumulative capacity of 5.8 megawatts (MW). Among the projects will be one of the largest Turkish roof-mounted installations on a commercial property in the town of Eskişehir in Anatolia, which alone will have an output of 3 MW. Two further roof-mounted systems, delivering 1.15 MW and 1 MW respectively, are also set to be built in Eskişehir, while a 650 kilowatt peak (kWp) ground-mounted installation is due for construction in İzmir on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Local company Ekip Girişim Enerji is the project developer. Thanks to the use of high-power PV modules from the German manufacturer aleo, it will be possible to generate roughly 20 percent more power over the same surface area than with standard 250 watt modules.

“The Turkish photovoltaic market is still young, but holds a lot of promise. We are using high-power modules from aleo solar to construct our solar projects because we want to generate more power across the roof area than conventional modules allow, so we are making the best possible use of the surface,” explains Mehmet Çelik, Chief Officer of project developer Ekip Girişim Enerji. “The recognised quality of aleo as an established German manufacturer was a major criterion for the banks when deciding to finance our projects. Module quality is extremely important in large-scale projects if you want to stick to your business plan.” Experience in more mature PV markets has shown that when cheaper, poor quality modules are used, yields often fall very far short of the promised targets. “Greater output per square metre combined with the competitive price of aleo modules mean that our projects will be profitable and financially secure. The readings from existing installations containing aleo modules also impressed me,” continues Çelik.

aleo solar GmbH is supplying a total of over 20,000 modules to the Turkish EPC. Thanks to a combination of carefully selected components and state-of-the art solar cells, aleo’s high-power modules have an efficiency value of more than 18.3 percent. In addition to the cell connectors, anti-reflection coated front glass and a highly transparent EVA film enable more light to reach the cells.

“Ekip Girişim Enerji is the right partner for us to develop our business in Turkey. Increased demand from the country is making it clear to us that the market is really starting to come to life,” reports Thanasis Sakkas, Sales Director for Turkey at aleo solar.

About aleo solar

aleo solar GmbH produces monocrystalline high-power modules and provides systems to the global photovoltaic market. Established in 2001, the company has been part of Sunrise Global Solar Energy Co. Ltd., a cell manufacturer headquartered in Yilan, Taiwan, since 2014. Sunrise solar cells generate significantly greater yields than cells based on conventional solar technology.

The divisions of aleo solar AG that have not been acquired by Sunrise are currently operating as AS Abwicklung and Solar-Service AG, and are in liquidation. The former aleo production division is the only part of the company not to have been liquidated and shall continue to operate as aleo solar GmbH, an independent and separate company with the majority of its production and sales staff remaining in employment.

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