World needs global climate leadership from EU – and to continue UN talks

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The EU should continue leading by example despite the failure of the UN climate talks, the wind industry says

Copenhagen, Denmark []

Christian Kjaer, Chief Executive of EWEA, said: “The world needs global climate leadership from the EU in 2010 more than ever, now that the other super-powers have shown their lack of ambition.

“The Copenhagen Accord is the lowest common denominator which China and the United States could agree. The text did not produce a legally binding treaty or deliver a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The only thing it achieved was a commitment-free text “to hold the increase in global temperature below 2°C.” The rest of the world, including the EU which had offered to cut carbon by 30% compared to 1990 levels if there was strong global deal, could only take it or leave it. China and the US established a new world order in Copenhagen.

“The European Wind Energy Association urges world leaders to work tirelessly on reaching a legally binding international treaty as soon as possible next year, to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 30% by 2020. The clock is ticking, immediate action is required, and we are running out of time,” Kjaer said.

For more information contact:
Paolo Berrino, EWEA
+32 2 400 10 55

Source: EWEA

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