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WIRSOL develops major photovoltaic projects in China

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Together with Suntech, the photovoltaic specialist from Baden is planning the first projects of the order of 20 MW.

WIRSOL’s Managing Director Stefan Riel is taking on the management of the newly established WIRSOL SOLAR Technology (Beijing) Ltd.

One of the leading German solar project developers has arrived in China in the form of WIRSOL. In cooperation with Suntech, the world’s largest module manufacturer, large solar power stations are planned for the Qinghai province. This was announced at the opening ceremony for WIRSOL SOLAR Technology (Beijing) Ltd. by Suntechs CEO, Dr. Zhengrong Shi, and WIRSOL’s Managing Director Stefan Riel:

“Wirsol is not just a pioneer among project developers, but also a close partner of Suntech. The Chinese market is growing faster than previously expected and through this a host of opportunities for European companies is opening up, especially in the fields of planning, engineering and operations where German companies lead the way. We strongly support open markets everywhere under the sun. Facilitating involvement by European companies here will also help China to efficiently reach its targets for renewable energy deployment,” says Dr. Zhengrong Shi, the Founder and CEO of Suntech.

In the photovoltaic sector, the Chinese market also offers a state guaranteed feed-in tariff of currently 12 cents/kWh (€), which makes it interesting mainly for experienced project developers of large solar parks.

The opening of the Chinese market not only has a strong signal character but also the potential to show the world the possibility of a global energy change. “China will increasingly rely on photovoltaics in the coming years”, said Prof. Li Junfeng, General Director of the National Centre of Climate Change Strategy Research (NCCS) and President of the Chinese Renewable Industries Association (CREIA). Prof. Junfeng also emphasised that global cooperation would be the key for the further development of the solar industry.

WIRSOL has been working together with Yingli and Suntech, the leading Chinese producers of solar modules, for years. Stefan Riel, WIRSOL’s Managing Director, emphasised that both manufacturers were only able to secure market leadership status with top products. Together with Liansheng Miao, the Chairman of the Management Board at Yingli, Riel energetically spoke out on this occasion against the importation of protective tariffs and how it is currently being promoted in the United States: “We at WIRSOL do believe that this is the completely wrong approach”, he explained, “as globalization cannot only go into one direction. Without cheap and high-quality modules from China, most of the jobs in Europe and the US simply would not exist. That’s a matter of fact!”

The highlight of the opening ceremony was the appearance made by one of the highest spiritual dignitaries of the country – his Holiness Shi Yongxin, from the abbot of the legendary Shaolin Temple of Henan, sanctified WIRSOL SOLAR Technology (Beijing) Ltd.’s premises in the presence of friends and representatives from the cultural, political and economic sectors. “May the light of Buddha shine on WIRSOL’s fields”, declared the abbot.

Alongside He Jifeng from the All Chinese Friendship Society, the guests also included the former Ambassadors Yang Chengxu, Hu Benyao and Wang Yanyi. The German General Consulate sent a highly-ranked representative in the form of Dr. Peter Kreutzberger. The Head of the Economic Service and the Speaker for the Environment, Energy and Climate honoured WIRSOL’s dedication in his speech and said the company was heading towards a bright future.

By moving to China, WIRSOL is not just emphasising the close cooperation with its Chinese partners, but is also demonstrating a strong commitment to the Middle Kingdom. WIRSOL’s founder member of the Management Board, Stefan Riel, relocated his place of residence as the first top manager of the German solar industry to Beijing. He now lives with his wife and son in the Chinese capital, where they are expecting their second child in a few weeks. Riel says, “We are happy here and have built a strong team. We now look forward to a new quality of cooperation with our Chinese partners.”

About WIRSOL: WIRSOL SOLAR AG is an internationally active project company and one of the most modern solution providers for planning, financing, installing and maintaining solar power plants of all sizes. Company offices are located in Germany (HQ), China, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Canada, the USA, France, Switzerland, the Maldives, Turkey and the UK. We will be pleased to answer any queries you may have via our contact details.


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