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What effect will Filipe Calderon's departure have on Mexican renewables?

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The Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress today announced the MIREC webinar, Mexican Renewable Energy: Adapting to Political Change, which will be taking place on the 3rd April 2012 (4pm GMT)

The webinar will be held in the run up to the Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress (15-16 May), and will bring together leading renewable energy experts to discuss how a change of government could affect the renewable energy development of Mexico and what will be become of the 35% renewable energy target set by the current government.

Speakers at the MIREC webinar include:
• Brian Schmidly, Mexico Coordinator, DESERTEC Foundation
• José Luis Quijano, Treasurer, AGM (Mexican Geothermal Association)
• Rafael Carmona, Vice President of Technology, GreenMomentum, and Secretary of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ANES

Key topics to be discussed include:
• Maintaining export strategy momentum: comparing the parties’ likely agendas and assessing the next crucial steps to ensure best possible outcomes
• Government controlled transmission structure: how will a political change affect priorities in terms of transmission construction or management?
• Financing solar and wind developments in Mexico: the availability of debt and equity finance

For more information or to register for this FREE webinar, please click here

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