Wind turbines may power new technology park

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With town meeting approval earlier this month, voters paved the way for a wind turbine project in the area of the proposed Bournedale technology park.

“We’d been working on turbines … for two years, but we discovered to our dismay six months ago that turbines were not permitted under the old law to precede the tech park itself,” said Jerry Ingersoll, trustee of Panhandle Trust, which owns some of the land where the 50-acre technology campus would sit.

That changed when voters approved Article 23, which revised a zoning bylaw to allow “commercial wind energy systems” and other wind projects in the town.

If a special permit, required by the town under the revised bylaw, and an approval from the Cape Cod Commission go through, New Generation Wind could become the first tenant of the technology park, said Sallie Riggs, executive director of the Bourne Financial Development Corporation.

New Generation Wind is a joint venture between Panhandle Trust and the Lorusso family, which owns the adjacent Cape Cod Aggregates sand and gravel company, Riggs said.

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Source: Cape Code

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