Wind Power Installations Thriving in India

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Increasing focus on renewable energy and the government’s support is advancing wind power installations, which is poised for 14% CAGR growth by FY 2014, says RNCOS.

According to our recent research report “Indian Wind Energy Sector Analysis”, wind is increasingly becoming the most preferred and clean source of energy for public sector utilities and private sector players in India. High and continuously fluctuating fossil fuel prices along with source limitations are encouraging this country to opt for wind energy installations. Confirming the bright future prospects of the sector, the study further revealed that with the continuous public and private sector participation, the sector is all set to achieve nearly 14% CAGR growth in cumulative capacity installations during FY 2011-FY 2014.

The study identified that, improving performance and reliability of wind turbines and decreasing gestation period of installation has positioned India as one of the most dynamically growing wind energy markets in the world. Wind power contributes 70% of the grid interactive renewable power installed in India, which is expected to remain almost constant in the coming years, positioning India as a lucrative investment destination for industry majors.

As India is becoming a global center of development, foreign investors are increasingly eying lucrative business opportunity in the same. The FDI trend in the renewable energy sector has been quite encouraging for the last few years. For instance, the FDI in the sector grew at a CAGR of 519% during FY 2007-FY 2010. We anticipate this trend to remain applicable during our forecast period also, which will sustain the development pace in the sector.

Our report “Indian Wind Energy Sector Analysis”, is an outcome of extensive research and conceptual analysis of the wind power market potentials in India. It provides statistics/information on sector developments in the country as well as the state levels. Forecasts for future wind capacity additions have been provided for all prominent states, which will help clients to refine their investment decisions on the basis of grass root developments. Additionally, wind costs analysis facilitates essential understanding on project cost structure. A brief overview of business description and significant developments of key industry players currently operating in the industry has also been covered in the report to provide a balanced research outlook of the industry.

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