US Non-Residential Grid Connected PV Capacity to Expand Rapidly

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Spurred by demand coming from the government departments and companies signing PPAs, the sector will add around 500 MW till 2014; says RNCOS.

The USA’s non-residential grid tied PV installations accounted for the majority of capacity in 2009. These installations include sites, such as government buildings, military installations, and retail stores. The large average size of these premises requires large installations and results in greater capacity additions. Both non-residential and residential installations are on the customer’s side of the meter and generate power used on-site. Whereas, utility installations are on the utility side of the meter and generate bulk power for the utility grid.

According to our research report “US Photovoltaic Market Analysis”, non-residential grid connected PV capacity will expand rapidly, adding around 500 MW till 2014 against 2010. Another interesting trend seen in the non-residential segment was the usage of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s). Various companies have now started signing PPA’s to make these installations more profitable and long term viable. Many government departments are adopting PV power solutions for their energy needs. The US Armed forces have also set an ambitious target of 5% renewable energy share in its total energy consumption during 2010-2012. According to our research, prior to 2008, the non-residential segment registered strongest growth among the market segments. However, the segment posted no growth during 2008-2009. It was largely due to the uncertain ITC regimes during 2008. Our research says that, the US is rapidly emerging as the most potential PV market globally. Absence of nationwide cost based FIT program has somewhat affected the PV industry development pace in the US. However, presently, almost every prominent state has acknowledged the benefits of these incentives and formulated long term PV installations programs. “US Photovoltaic Market Analysis” studies the photovoltaic market in the US and provides valuable information for investors and vendors. The report has analyzed the PV industry in terms of sectors and technology.

Our report also examines solar inverter market and provides relevant forecast wherever required. This research aims to study the US PV market thoroughly and provide the future directions to clients.

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