Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance Summit 2008

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WoREA Media Partnerships
WoREA Media Partnerships
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London, 11-12 November

London, 11-12 November

MAXIMISE YOUR WIND FARM OUTPUT Discover how to use SCADA data, condition monitoring and forecasting tools to minimise your downtime and maximise profits
SLASH YOUR O&M COSTS Take advantage of the most cost-effective O&M methods such as scenario modelling to guarantee massive financial savings and maximum ROI
TACKLE SUPPLY CHAIN BOTTLENECKS Hear from the manufacturers about what they’re doing to satisfy demand and how to increase your supplier base
MINIMISE YOUR DOWNTIME Discover the latest techniques to quantify performance challenges to minimise your downtime and supercharge your generation output
TAKE AWAY SUCCESSFUL OIL AND GAS STRATEGIES Leverage experience from the oil and gas industries to guarantee a cost effective post warranty strategy

And that’s before we even consider offshore projects. Due to fierce competition from a buoyant oil and gas industry, simple economics and complicated logistics, development of the wind industry has until now been kept firmly onshore. However, if we are serious about achieving the 2020 targets it is simply undeniable that offshore development is essential – it has greater wind speed, less turbulence, and space is no longer a constricting factor. Successful offshore development will improve energy security and seriously boost your company’s bottom line!


Escalating O&M costs will threaten profit margins
Recent turbine failures have only highlighted the damage your farm can suffer if you ignore O&M – can you afford not to be operating at maximum capacity? Until now manufacturers have always satisfied your O&M needs during the warranty period and will continue to do so after it’s expired. But is this really the most cost effective option?

O&M can make or break your project, tipping it from being a profitable investment opportunity to a loss making failure. The Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance Summit will show you how to slash your O&M costs and deliver unparalleled profits from your wind projects – you simply cannot afford to miss out!

Your business needs you to join us to ensure you gain the latest industry knowledge. You will learn exactly how to deliver an excellent O&M strategy that not only reduces costs but also drives up profits, output and margins as Wind Energy propels towards it’s 2020 targets.


Get the information you need to deliver an excellent O&M strategy
Following months of independent research, and with the support of operators, consultants, research bodies and associated industries around the world, we’ve put this market leading agenda together to act as your blueprint for improved O&M strategies. Ensure guaranteed high productivity and make your O&M strategy your competitive advantage.

Join your peers at the Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance Summit and you’ll harness a wealth of must have industry know-how and meet with the people driving the O&M revolution.

You’ll be well aware of the raft of challenges you face both on/offshore in your battle to deliver cost effective O&M strategies in a rapidly expanding wind energy industry. Do these challenges sound familiar?

Difficulty gaining access to your site
Varying weather windows
Oil & Gas industry stealing your service providers
Lack of experience
Supply chain bottlenecks
They all mean that your O&M strategy needs to be executed quickly – without costing the earth! And it’s 100% possible. Join us at the Wind Energy O&M Summit and you’ll learn about how to make this happen.

Onshore expertise, bringing you up to speed – Case studies will present an insight into what has happened so far, their approach, lessons learnt and next steps. Hear details of the factors you need to consider when developing and implementing an O&M strategy.
Transition offshore – Port development, vessel innovations and availability and offshore contractors are all in short supply. But they are out there and can help you marinise your experience and really make a play for this emerging market destined for market success.
Future proofing your O&M strategy – O&M allows you to plan for the future, securing longevity for your farm with condition based maintenance. You’ll hear the latest research, innovation and techniques to realise huge ROI.
Minimize supply chain bottlenecks – Learn how mass manufacturers have overcome supply chain bottlenecks, how oil and gas firms have been able to operate at a profit in challenging offshore conditions and how to reduce those costly delays.
Recruitment and Retention – Attract the correct people to drive your company forward. Understand how your recruitment process might be jeopardising your chances of really spotting the talent you need.
Manage your maintenance – Hear how condition monitoring, SCADA and the latest tech innovations allow you to gain control of your assets by reducing visits to your turbines.
After two fact filled days, you’ll be crystal clear about how to develop an O&M strategy which best suits your site. Drive forward with the very latest techniques and solutions and be sure to make your assets work for you!


Onshore and offshore will both be catered for at this must attend summit
Are you in charge of O&M for an onshore wind farm?


Hear about condition based monitoring and why it’s gaining precedence over time based maintenance
Meet with O&M solution providers that are revolutionising the market
Actively share your challenges with your peers
Are you facing unique challenges as you start up – or move – offshore?
Learn how to deal with the harsh offshore environment
Manage the higher O&M costs associated with offshore facilities
Take away top tips from Oil and Gas experts
Meet – and hear from – experts leading the field
Over the past 6 months we’ve spoken to over 100 of your industry peers to identify and address the most challenging issues surrounding applications of O&M both onshore and offshore. You can rest assure that we’ll be providing you not only with the very best speakers but a pertinent agenda which offers solutions to the problems that matter most to you.

You’ll meet Siemens, Airtricity, Fabricom, BAE Systems and Trinity House to name just a few leading experts who we’ve hand picked to provide you with the very best case studies, industry insight and latest techniques.

This is an event where practicalities are at the forefront. No empty classroom theory. Instead, we guarantee to deliver strategies and technological innovations that will provide you with an unrivalled competitive edge.

Is this you?
Asset managers: Ensure you make informed decisions about your future practices.

O&M providers: Get your message heard – why should clients select your service?

Manufacturers: Rise to the challenges – you have the experience and expertise of maintaining turbines. Why should your clients switch, what do they want in order to stay? Open dialogue and assertive action is required.


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