WELTEC: Barsikow Up and Running

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Biomethane processing has started at the biomethane refinery in Barsikow, Brandenburg.

Since mid October, the power generated by the micro gas turbines has been fed into the public power grid. The first biomethane is expected to flow into the public natural gas grid from mid-December on. Every year, the plant will produce about 4.3 million standard cubic metres of biomethane. This means about 1,000 standard cubic metres of biological raw gas an hour. About 375 standard cubic metres will be produced for the heat required for the plant, i.e. the needed process heat will be produced regeneratively. The heat will be provided by three micro gas turbines of 200 kWe each.

From the remaining 850 cubic metres, 350 standard cubic metres of biomethane are produced and fed into the natural gas network. The total quantity corresponds to a thermal output of about 5 MW. This annual amount of energy is sufficient to supply 3,000 four-person households with power or about 3,000 cars with an annual mileage of 30,000 miles. The reference project for Barsikow is the biogas refinery in Könnern, Saxony-Anhalt, whose annual biomethane production amounts to 15 million standard cubic metres. In the capacity of the general contractor, WELTEC BIOPOWER was responsible for the overall planning, turnkey set-up and installation, and commissioning of
the plant in Barsikow.

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German-based WELTEC BIOPWER celebrates it’s 10th anniversary and is one of the pioneers of the constructors of biogas plants. Based on the modern approach of experienced engineers, the company from Vechta (Lower Saxony) with its expertise of a staff of close to 80, offers complete biogas plants from one source and has developed to a leading constructor of biogas plants in the world.

One of the main strengths of the medium-sized enterprise is the ability to deliver individual and flexible solutions – from compact plants to large computer-controlled plants in the megawatt range, waste recycling plants, and biogas parks with gas processing technology. The plants have a modular structure. WELTEC BIOPOWER uses only proven system components and develops most of the technologies along the entire value chain internally: fermenter technology, mixing technology, control technology, hygienisation systems, and digestate processing solutions originate from the company.

As the hydrogen sulphide and ammonia compounds contained in biogas corrode unprotected parts, WELTEC builds the fermenters from stainless steel. This ensures a long useful life of the plant. The manufacturing depth also guarantees a consistently high standard regardless of the location and ensures an export rate that is far above the industry average.

In 2010, the plants of WELTEC received the „DLG FokusTest“ certification from the German Agricultural Association (DLG) in recognition of their excellent biogas yield.

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