Vasari Energy Announces $2.2 Million Deal to Supply Solar PV Panels for 3.5 MW Project

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California-based Vasari Energy will make and ship more than 12,000 of its 305 watt solar PV modules to Northeast site location.
Irvine, CA, June 07, 2015 – World Of – California-based solar manufacturer Vasari Energy announced today that it has agreed to supply its high-efficiency, utility-grade solar photovoltaic modules for the development of a major solar power project in the Northeast.

In a $2.2 million deal, Vasari Energy will manufacture and ship more than 12,000 of its Vasari Energy brand 305 watt solar PV modules to the site. The ground-mounted system will connect to the electrical grid and provide a capacity of up to 3 megawatts. Vasari Energy finalized the purchase order on May 27.

Once completed, the solar PV system could generate enough power for more than 450 homes, making it one of the largest ground-mounted, grid-connected solar PV projects in the Northeast. The project will be financed through an investment-grade utility offtake agreement.

The deal marks another step for the growing California-based solar PV module manufacturer, which offers several lines of high-efficiency modules for commercial, industrial, agricultural, government and off-grid applications. Vasari Energy produces solar PV systems that give customers energy at costs that are competitive with utility rates.

“Industry is looking for utility-scale renewable energy sources to meet their need for growth, as shown by the fact that solar and wind lead fossil fuel sources in new generating capacity. Many companies know that it’s a good investment for the future,” said Vasari Energy Vice President Stephen Smith.

“Vasari Energy is positioned to supply the growing demand for renewable energy capacity through the production of a full line of solar PV modules that are versatile enough to meet the needs of a wide-range of projects for a variety of clients,” Smith said.

Vasari Energy’s diverse product line includes options for a wide-range of applications. The Vasari Energy high-efficiency 72 cell modules is ideal for utility-scale projects, while the durable 60 cell module fits most residential needs. With the E-12 Series, Vasari Energy provides a 12 volt module that meets the needs of off-grid systems.

About Vasari Energy

Vasari Energy, Inc. is an integrated company that sells, designs, installs, and maintains solar energy systems for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and government customers at prices competitive with utility rates.

Vasari Energy
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