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ET Solar Increases Its Presence in UK’s Large-scale PV Projects

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MUNICH, June 8, 2015 – World Of Photovoltaics.com – ET Solar, a leading smart energy solutions provider, announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary ET Solutions AG, has completed grid connection of a 6.6 MWp ground-mounted solar power plant for UK renewable energy investor, Belltown Power.

Located approximately 3.5 km northwest of Dawlish, Devon, Sawmills Farm project has been connected to the grid under the UK’s Renewable Obligation program. With a total installed capacity of 6.6 MWp, the project will provide electricity for approximately 2,000 average households, or one-third in Dawlish, and reduce almost 3,000 tonnes of carbon emission every year.

“Our partnership with Belltown broadens our customer base and consolidates our position as a leading solutions provider in the UK market. Our continued success in the country further diversifies our geographic track record and strengthens our overall experience that will greatly benefit our customers on a global basis.” Dennis She, ET Solar’s President and CEO, commented.

“As a high quality module provider and very experienced solutions service provider, ET Solar plays an instrumental role to build up Sawmills Farm that will contribute significantly to the local community benefits, landscape and biodiversity.” Belltown Power’s CEO, Michael Kaplan, noted.

About ET Solar

ET Solar is a leading smart energy solutions provider with projects around the world. With innovative solar technologies and tailored financial solutions, ET provides professional one-stop solutions across the entire solar power plant lifecycle, including development, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, and operation & maintenance. To learn more about ET Solar and ET Solutions AG, please visit www.etsolar.com and www.etsolutions.de.

About Belltown Power

Belltown Power was set up in February 2013 to build, own and operate renewable energy sites in the UK. The company currently has 83MW of renewable generation capacity in operation and construction across a range of technologies including wind, solar PV, and hydro. By 2017 our goal is to deploy £250m into the building of 150MW of UK renewable energy assets. For more information, please visit www.belltownpower.com.

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SOURCE ET Solar Energy Corp.


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