UK Roadmap paves way for International Climate Change Action

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Lifetime Recycling Village’s Managing Director, Neil Gallacher, speaks out on the importance of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) UK Renewable Energy Roadmap, published this week.

“It is essential for the UK renewables industry that the Government clarifies steps to support further investment and growth. Without this, we have little hope of achieving a transition to a low carbon economy.

“This week’s UK Renewable Energy Roadmap takes an important step in the right direction, and Lifetime Recycling Village are delighted to see a clear plan laid out for meeting our 2020 goal for 15% energy consumption from renewables.

“We are proud that Scotland is already leading the way through our 2020 Renewables Routemap, published earlier this month. The UK Roadmap both complements and strengthens our existing measures, enabling us to take more meaningful strides towards a sustainable future.”


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