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The Tyrolean solar thermal expert TiSUN and the American boiler manufacturer Lochinvar join in co-operation in the American solar thermal market

This February TiSUN will be sending its team leader from the Technical department in its main production plant, for six months to the USA. Together with the boiler manufacturer Lochinvar, TiSUN will develop a solar thermal system, suitable for the Northern American market. The companies’ new partnership makes TiSUN’s innovative solar thermal products available through Lochinvar’s professional sales network in the USA, Canada and Mexico, carrying the Lochinvar / TiSUN logo.

This strategic cooperation strengthens our presence on the North-American market and shows our focus on this independent brand. Lochinvar is the industry leader in heating and thrives to offer new and innovative technologies

in this market. The American market is different. With Lochinvar we have found a partner who brings much important strength. In the exchange for this TiSUN offers its solar thermal system knowledge for over 20 years. Lochinvar has a fantastic sales team, is an expert in the heating industry and has a strong customer base and following” said Mr. Robin M. Welling, TiSUN Director of Sales, customer services and logistics. “We are looking forward to this co-operation of our companies.”

„TiSUN is a natural partner choice for Lochinvar, this collaboration harnesses TiSUN’s experience in the solar thermal market and gives us the opportunity to successfully enter the American market as a technological innovator. The American solar thermal market is quickly expanding and will continue to do so exponentially in the future. We feel well prepared for entering this market with the new-found synergy between Lochinvar and TiSUN“ said Bill Vallett, President of Lochinvar Corporation.

Both companies are well established medium-sized companies, led by three managing directors (TiSUN) and three third generation owners (Lochinvar). They are experts in the field of environmentally-friendly energy production and profit-saving together with their specialized industry knowledge.

Lochinvar Corporation, a family owned and operated water heater, boiler and pool heater manufacturer has been involved in providing water heating equipment since the founder, Walter Vallett, Sr’s, entry into the business in 1919. Headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee – USA, Lochinvar distributes products worldwide and maintains inventory throughout the United States in six distribution centers. Lochinvar is committed to research and development and continues to introduce new revolutionary technology which has made them one of the most respected manufacturers in the heating industry.

TiSUN has been developing, producing and selling solar collectors and solar stratified tanks for 21 years. The solar systems provide 100% independent, infinitely available, free solar energy for heating, cooling, hot water and process heat. As a solar heating specialist, TiSUN has an export quota of 83%. Based in the Austrian Tyrol, TiSUN is an innovation and market leader with a workforce of 131 at its headquarters in Söll and 90 sales personnel in Europe. The products are available on 42 markets in EU27, the further Community of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East and Maghreb (North West Africa).

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