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Monday, September 27, 2021

Troventum is the future of recycling

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The emergent contradictions in the relationship between humans and the environment have been problematic for centuries. Unrestricted consumption has led to a crisis placing humanity on the verge of an environmental disaster.

The Troventum project aims to address this potential disaster by decreasing the amount of non-recycled waste, improving the quality of recycling, switching the waste recycling industry to a new, and innovative development track.
The project will allow resolution of the majority of global issues of the waste processing industry:

• Insufficient consumer motivation for waste collection;
• Difficulties organizing waste collection and its low efficiency;
• Shortage of raw materials at waste processing enterprises;
• Unprofitability of collection of certain waste types;
• Low recycling efficiency at enterprises;
• Bureaucratization of the industry;
• Limited transparency of recycling-related information;
• Climate of general distrust within the industry.

The Troventum platform will establish a collection system capable of providing a continuous stream of processable recycled waste by uniting all the participants of the consumer goods lifecycle within an integrated digital platform, utilizing blockchain technology. Blockchain and smart contracts will eliminate the barrier between goods manufacturers and recyclers, making their cooperation mutually rewarding and transparent.

«Every country in the world faces the issue of recycling used products. Russian Federation is among the countries with a high consumption level and low efficiency and transparency of the recycling industry. We are creating the required infrastructure and the technological solutions to unite all players in the economy within the Troventum pilot project, partnering with MAGLUG GC, one of the major recycling companies, and with the support of the Non-Commercial Partnership National Self-regulating Organization of Scrap Metal Recyclers RUS- LOM.COM international association.» – Ivan Kalishevich, head of the Troventum project.

Zero environmental footprint should be the goal of humanity. The Troventum project aims to equalize the volumes in the production industry and the recycling industry.

For further information, please contact:

Ivan Kalishevich, the head of the Troventum project, Helsinki

Jukka Multisilta, the chief strategy officer, Helsinki

Nick Lisin, the head of marketing & PR, Moscow

You can find out more about the project at https://troventum.com

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