TRITEC launches rental option for PV monitoring device

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Top-performing hand-held characteristic curve monitoring device, TRI-KA, is now available to rent, allowing solar PV installers to ‘try before you buy’.

In response to the tough market conditions affecting solar PV installers, TRITEC Energy – a leading photovoltaic system supplier – is offering an innovative solution: access to the most efficient technology, without the financial gamble.

Installers can now rent TRITEC’s all-in-one portable analysis device, TRI-KA, which can be used during installation or maintenance to ensure that solar PV systems are achieving maximum yields. This rental option represents a low-risk way for installers to test out the features of TRI-KA.

Highly intuitive

State-of-the-art yet simple-to-use, TRI-KA fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. It weighs just 500g, but its casing is tough and durable. Using the LCD colour touchscreen, you can measure the actual output of a photovoltaic system and compare it to the expected output under Standard Test Conditions (the STC ideal curve analysis).

Replacing old multi-meters and clip-on ammeters, the highly-intuitive TRI-KA device makes monitoring the PV system much simpler. Wireless connection between the measuring device and the sensor speeds up the job and removes the need for expensive wiring.

With a large measuring range (1.0 – 1000 V and 0.1 – 15.0 A) and an innovative irradiation sensor, TRI-KA produces highly-accurate results. These results can, simply and easily, be used to generate professional reports in a matter of minutes.

Tried and tested

One Surrey-based installer, Rayotec, found TRI-KA invaluable when assessing an installation at a school in East London. When the array registered as generating a lower-than-expected voltage, TRI-KA allowed Rayotec to identify the fact that one of the modules was not connected properly.

Alex Lenihan, Senior Project Engineer at Rayotec, comments: “During commissioning or servicing, the only viable method to spot a mistake such as a missing panel is to use TRI-KA. It constantly measures the light at that moment – regardless of the weather – and compares it against the parameters of the module. There is simply nothing else like TRI-KA on the market.”

Steve Griffiths, Sales and Marketing Director at TRITEC UK, comments: “TRI-KA provides a way for installers to differentiate from competitors and offer the most comprehensive service possible. In fact, we’re so convinced of TRI-KA’s clear benefits that we’re eager for installers to try it out, by using our new rental option.”

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