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Toshiba awarded major order for multi-MW PV project

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The order is the first that Toshiba has secured for a multi-MW PV project, and the company’s systems will be installed in the Taketoyo Thermal Power Station in Taketoyo, Aichi prefecture.

The multi-MW PV project will have a 7.5MW capacity and will be the first industrial-use photovoltaic power generator operated by Chubu Electric. The plant is scheduled to come on line in autumn 2011.

Toshiba was selected as prime contractor for development of the plant, and will be responsible for all engineering work prior to the start of construction, procurement of major equipment and components, and plant construction.

The variable output of the photovoltaic cells will be converted to clean AC by integrated power conditioners developed by Toshiba Group. Their conversion efficiency of 97.5% places them in the world’s highest class of power conditioners (as of August 19, 2009, for the 250kW output power conditioner in Japan).

Driven by a growing awareness of the need to counteract global warming, the global solar photovoltaic systems market for utilities and industrial plants is expected to reach 2.2 trillion yen (approximately US$24.4 billon) in the fiscal year 2015.

In this market environment, Toshiba made its full-scale entry into the solar photovoltaic systems business on January 1, 2009, when Toshiba’s Transmission Distribution & Industrial Systems Company established the Photovoltaic Systems Division. The division is charged with taking the initiative in system integration, particularly in system technology for high efficiency photovoltaic inverters and microgrids, and in deploying large plant system engineering capabilities.

Toshiba will aim to secure further contracts for multi-MW PV projects and achieve a rapid expansion of the business, both in Japan and overseas, by focusing on renewable energy and energy-saving products and technologies. Toshiba’s ultimate goal is a business expansion that addresses customers’ needs and makes progress alongside the company’s long-term contributions to a better environment.

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