Tenesol gets tough on PV installation security

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Tenesol, the global solar provider, has launched its most secure solar support structure to help fight the rising number of solar thefts in the industry – particularly in rural locations and off-grid sites.

The company has drawn on its 28 years of experience in the off-grid solar sector to develop the S-TE Sun Guard structure. The structure uses self-destructing bolts, welded U-frames, stainless steel links and concrete settings to ensure its PV systems are among the most secure in the world.

The S-TE Sun Guard structure is designed to outlast the PV system it protects and to remain intact for more than 25 years. It can withstand winds of up to 150 km/h and uses stainless steel components to resist corrosion, even in marine environments. The use of concrete and self-destructing bolts (whose thread is thinned after tightening) means panels can only be removed by cutting them out of the structure.

The S-TE Sun Guard structure can be linked to a remote monitoring system that warns operators when a panel has been tampered with. In addition, fencing and surveillance equipment powered by the PV system can be used as an added deterrent.

“Protecting investment in solar power means protecting solar systems,” says Benoit Rolland, managing director of Tenesol. “We want our customers’ investments to be as secure as possible – both in terms of the physical system and its productivity. Tenesol guarantees the performance of its modules and now we have used our experience and innovation to offer strong guarantees on the security of our modules.”

Tenesol’s S-TE Sun Guard structure can hold up to six PV modules, which are welded into stainless steel U-frames. Each module is then individually secured to the structure using self-destructing bolts. The modules are held together by steel links, which also use self-destructing bolts, and which are wrapped in concrete. The entire structure is then fixed in place with steel feet secured in concrete.

The structure is most commonly used in off-grid applications where systems are often in very remote locations and unattended for long periods of time. Tenesol supplies the majority of its S-TE Sun Guard structures to the telecommunications and oil & gas industries.

About Tenesol

A rapidly expanding global player in the field of solar energy (with a turnover of €304 million in 2010, which has increased 25% per year for three years), Tenesol works on behalf of businesses, local authorities and private individuals. For more than 28 years, Tenesol has been engineering, designing, manufacturing, installing and operating solar energy systems. Its services cover systems that produce or consume the energy they generate (off-grid sites, electricity grid connected, solar water heating) for customers around the globe. A benchmark player in its sector, Tenesol currently has a staff of over 800 employees across 18 subsidiaries including two production facilities.

For more information, please visit: http://www.tenesol-group.com/.

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