SWH Pre-Heating System, Victorian Government renewable thermal energy, Victoria

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Location: Victoria, Australia

The site
The Victorian Government Property Group (part of the Department of Treasury and Finance) is implementing a structured program of environmental improvements and energy reduction projects. Commercial solar hot water pre-heaters have been installed at three landmark buildings owned by the Victorian Government Property Group, which is part of the Department of Treasury and Finance. The buildings are located at 1 Treasury Place, 1 Macarthur Street and 55 St Andrews Place.

“The Victorian Government is leading by example with the installation of solar hot water systems within the commercial property portfolio. The Property Group is pursuing a number of projects at the Treasury Reserve and other properties in Melbourne and regional Victoria,as part of a larger program towards sustainable practice. The aim is to bring this technology into the mainstream “.
Roger Kluske,Energy Manager,Victorian Government Property Group.

The total installed system includes 14 high effi ciency solar collectors and a storage capacity of 1,130 L across the three buildings.High efficiency solar collectors,insulated stainless steel tanks and insulated pipe-work has been used throughout the works to ensure the maximum contribution and retention of the suns energy.The solar hot water will be used in hand basins,kitchens and showers.Particular issues involved in installing systems on high-rise city buildings include access,frost,wind chill,wind loading and pressure.

The contracting team consisted of a cooperative partnership with the combined skills and experience of Going Solar (design,supply and project management) and Sustainable Plumbing Solutions (installation). Tailor made solutions for the site conditions included booster pumps,pressure control valves and specially designed panel-mounting frames to ensure that both the solar panels and the existing gas water heaters were working at optimum efficiency.

This project is expected to save 560 GJ of delivered energy per annum,36 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide – equivalent greenhouse gas and over $2,000 per year.This project has significant demonstrative benefi ts for further implantation of commercial solar water heating.

Owner: Victorian Government Property Group
Capacity: 28 meters squared Solar Hot Water Collector Aperture Area 1,130 L Solar Storage Capacity
Location: Treasury Reserve, Melbourne CBD
Commissioned: June 2004
Capital Cost: $30,000
Construction Contractor: Going Solar/Sustainable Plumbing Solutions
Operator: Jones Lang LaSalle

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