SunEarth Partners with SunReports – CSI Compliant Monitoring Devices Available Now!

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SunEarth is pleased to announce its affiliation with SunReports, a leading provider of performance monitoring solutions for residential and commercial solar thermal and PV installations.

SunReport’s web-based data collection, data analysis and graphical user interface software provides current, historical and predicted system performance information, including a unique installer portal that provides an at-a-glance performance overview of an entire installed base.

SunReports meets the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Program’s stringent requirements for system monitoring devices. SunReports qualifies under the strict standards of measurement accuracy laid out by CSI solar thermal system handbook for monitoring system output. Additionally, CSI has also selected SunReports as an official provider of performance data (PPD), meaning data collected from SunReports devices will be used to determine whether solar systems meet performance requirements for the statewide solar system rebate program.

In order to comply with CSI’s strict flow meter requirements, SunReports has partnered with Grundfos, incorporating the full line of Grundfos VFS sensors into SunReports’ monitoring system to satisfy the needs of CSI’s “Customer Performance Monitoring (CPM)” classification. To meet the even tighter specifications of “Measurement and Evaluation” and “True Up” classifications, SunReports partnered with ONICON, integrating its line of flow sensors and BTU meters into SunReports comprehensive performance monitoring and reporting solution.

SunReports’ Apollo1 and Apollo2 monitoring devices, in combination with the Grundfos FVS sensors and ONICON flow sensors and BTU meters, will not only comply with CSI’s guidelines but will give homeowners and business owners access to system performance data of unparalleled accuracy via SunReports’ web based interface.

For additional information contact SunEarth Inc.

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