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Storage Power Systems (SPS) is pleased to announce that Industria Engineering has placed an order for 8.2 MWh/3.5 MW battery energy storage systems, as part of a solar plus storage renewable energy project in Grafton, Massachusetts, to be commissioned in late Q4 2019. The project will enable excess energy from a 4.0 MW single axis tracker front-of-the-meter solar farm to be stored in the 2-hour battery.  The ability to store this energy increases solar harvesting and shifts solar generation to peak loads on the substation, compared with a standalone solar project.

Massachusetts has deployed over 2.1 GW of solar energy and recently announced increases to its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), with close to 50% of its electricity to be produced by renewable energy by 2030.  Energy storage also now qualifies as an eligible RPS Clean Peak resource, and energy storage targets have been increased to 1,000 MW by 2025.

Glenn McGillicuddy, Vice President of Engineering of Industria Engineering notes, “Energy storage projects are an increasingly important consideration for our clients in Massachusetts and significantly enhance the overall business case for renewable energy.  Following SPS’ successful deployment of a 1.5 MW system for us in 2018, we are pleased to be working with them again for this project.”


Vice President, Investor Relations & Regulatory Affairs
Kerry Lakatos-Hayward


Storage Power Solutions (SPS) is a full solution provider of battery energy storage systems, providing reliable, resilient and competitively costed power to utilities, renewable energy developers and large commercial & industrial customers.

Industria Engineering has managed, constructed or designed over 175 MW of solar facilities in Massachusetts, providing full project management, design engineering, construction, installation operations and maintenance services.  Industria’s principles have over 80 years of combined experience in the energy sector and work with some of the nation’s leading utilities and renewable energy investors.

SOURCE:  Storage Power Systems