Solergy, Inc Launches Next-Generation CPV with Record-Breaking 32.9% Efficiency

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Italian Civil Aviation Authority Partners with Solergy on Airport Installation

MILAN, Italy

Solergy, Inc., developers of the next generation of high concentrated photovoltaic technology (HCPV), today announced at a press conference in Milan the their launch and introduction of two unique flagship products: Solergy CPV and Solergy Cogen CPV ™.

At the press conference, in addition to the company launch, Solergy and the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) jointly announced their agreement to install a Cogen CPV power plant at the Pantelleria Airport in Sicily. The installation will be a collaborative test site for the innovative use of Solergy’s CPV and cogeneration technology to generate both solar electricity and heat at an airport facility.

The announcements took place on the eve of the EnerSolar+ Conference in Milan, Italy, where Solergy will be exhibiting the company’s unique CPV systems featuring an all-glass optical concentrating lens – the world’s first. The all-glass optics, high-precision tracking and optimized basic energy unit ensure that Solergy’s system consistently produces more energy than any other PV or CPV product in existence.

“We are excited to launch our company and present our CPV products to the world. We have dedicated the past three years to developing a system we believe not only addresses the challenges CPV has faced in the past, but takes a significant leap forward in terms of performance, reliability, and technological innovation,” said Yoav Banin, CEO and co-founder of Solergy, Inc.

ENAC selected Solergy as the exclusive partner for the test site after a thorough and rigorous assessment of the company’s technology proved to be one of the most innovative systems available. The installation will generate electric power for the airport, as well as power the air conditioning system. The project is expected to start in the first quarter of 2011.

“We are pleased to announce our letter of intent to work with Solergy on this unique and important project,” said Alessandro Cardi, Central Director of Airport Infrastructure at ENAC. “Solergy’s combination of high efficiency and cogeneration make it especially well-suited to serve the significant electricity and air conditioning requirements of our airports. We strive to make Italy’s airports greener, and are confident that this project can then serve as a model for achieving clean energy self-sufficiency in other airports in Italy.”

Solergy has two products, Solergy CPV™ and Solergy CoGen CPV™, both of which use Solergy’s unique design and engineering to deliver the highest level of energy output in the industry today.

Solergy CPV™

The Solergy CPV system delivers on the promise of CPV with the following unique attributes:

  • World’s first all-glass concentrating lens – guaranteed optical performance in harsh conditions

  • Cone concentrator module – Optimized basic energy production unit

  • High-precision tracking – Every concentrator on the sun, at all times

  • Total thermal control – Maximized cell operating efficiency

For electricity-only applications, such as utility-scale and distributed generation power plants, Solergy CPV systems yield up to 2x greater efficiency and 1.5x more electric energy output than traditional PV panels.

Solergy Cogen CPV™

At no added cost to customers, Solergy offers its patented cogeneration technology, which utilizes the heat released during electricity production to generate even more power. As an extension of the Solergy CPV product, this additional energy source enables Solergy Cogen CPV™ to serve a variety of applications that are beyond the reach of traditional PV:

  • Hot water

  • Air conditioning & heating

  • Industrial process heat (such as food, wine, textile industries)

  • Water desalination

The Cogen CPV™ system offers up to 3x more electric equivalent energy output than traditional PV panels.

Solergy, Inc. will be exhibiting their technology at the EnerSolar+ Expo at booth F54 in Hall 6

About Solergy, Inc.
In 2007, Solergy, Inc. was founded in order to create and manufacture the world’s most efficient and reliable CPV technology to date, with the goal of providing clean energy that is cost-competitive with fossil fuels. Solergy has since developed over a dozen proprietary technological and engineering breakthroughs. Using its brain trust in engineering and design, Solergy builds CPV systems that harvest the most energy possible from our sun. To learn more about Solergy, Inc, visit

About ENAC

Italy’s Civil Aviation Authority (Ente Nazionale per L’Aviazione Civile) was established in 1997 as the national authority over the technical regulation, surveillance and control in Italy’s civil aviation field. In addition to regulating airport operations of facilities, ENAC is strongly engaged in supporting sustainability in airports, striving to maximize renewable energy sources, minimizing energy use, and reducing noise and air quality pollution. To learn more about ENAC, visit

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