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Siemens Provides Carbon Media Replacement and Reactivation Services for the Dow Companies in Thailand's Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Carbon media replacement and carbon reactivation services at the recently commissioned wastewater treatment plant for the Thailand Growth Project's.

SIWW, Singapore, July 4, 2011 – (ACN Newswire)

As part of Siemens’ expansion of services in Southeast Asia, the company Siemens Ltd. Thailand is supporting the need for bulk carbon media replacement and carbon reactivation services at the recently commissioned wastewater treatment plant for the Thailand Growth Project’s (TGP) Asia Industrial Estate in Rayong, Thailand. Siemens designed, engineered, manufactured, supplied and constructed both the wastewater and water plants, which were started up in February 2011. The wastewater treatment plant is treating up to 5,500 m3/day of process wastewater from the Estate’s chemical manufacturing facilities, to meet discharge limits.

The wastewater treatment plant of the Asia Industrial Estate in Rayong includes biological treatment using jet aeration, clarifiers, sand filters, four activated carbon filters and a reactivated carbon storage vessel. The carbon vessels hold approximately 18 metric tons of carbon for treating up to 200 m3/hr of process wastewater to meet discharge limits. The carbon must be changed out when its capacity to adsorb the targeted organics has been reached. When this happens, the carbon is considered “spent,” and must be removed from the vessels and replaced with fresh carbon media. This change-out and replacement service is accomplished with specialty vehicles designed for this application. “We designed and built activated carbon slurry trailers for Siemens Ltd. in Thailand based on the design of our U.S. trailers,” said Jeff McCormick, business development director for Siemens Industry, Inc. “We have been offering this service in the U.S. for many years as a safer way to move large volumes of carbon. These new trailers will offer the Dow plant and other chemical plants and refineries in Thailand a way to exchange the spent activated carbon with fresh carbon.”

The carbon is sluiced from the vessels into the center compartments of the trailer, and then transported to an offsite carbon reactivation facility. At the reactivation facility, the contaminants in the carbon are thermally destroyed, and the reactivated carbon is then ready for use again. When another load of carbon is required, this freshly reactivated carbon is loaded into the outermost compartments of the trailers (reserved for fresh carbon) and delivered to Dow, where it is sluiced into Dow’s adsorbers. The specialized media transport and vessel loading made possible by the slurry trailers has several advantages, including increased safety for employees by reducing exposure to spent carbon, and a more efficient transfer, which reduces the time on site and therefore reduces the client’s operating costs. Also, because the carbon is reactivated and then reused, with the organic waste destroyed, it’s an environmentally sound solution. The carbon replacement service is conducted by trained technicians from the Siemens Thailand branch office.

For more information, please visit http://www.siemens.com/siww
Further information about solutions for water treatment is available at http://www.siemens.com/water

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