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(Wels, 11/09/2014) Fronius is making significant progress with system monitoring innovations. The popular DATCOM products – Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Solar.web App and the Fronius Datamanager – have been further optimised and refined. Saving energy through professional system monitoring and self-consumption analyses, as well as optimising yields through comprehensive monitoring, are at the forefront of the developments.

“We asked ourselves how we could make our already popular system monitoring products even better for our customers. Our response comes in the form of Fronius Solar.web Premium, the Fronius Solar.web Pro App and the Fronius Datamanager 2.0. And we’re not stopping there; we will continue to constantly develop and improve our products. There are still many more innovations to come from Fronius over the next few years,” explains Martin Hackl, head of the Solar Energy Division at Fronius International GmbH.

New premium functions for Fronius Solar.web
From September 2014, the PV monitoring portal Fronius Solar.web is being gradually expanded to include new premium functions. The online portal offers PV system owners a comprehensive self-consumption analysis, a permanent overview of power consumption costs for practical cost control, plus the visualisation and analysis of energy-storage systems.

It will soon also be possible to export the self-consumption data1 and monitor at MPP tracker level1. Individual reporting will also be enhanced1. Archived data, including all daily progression curves over the entire life of the PV system, enables all data to be permanently stored. These and numerous other new features make Fronius Solar.web Premium a must-have for PV system owners.

Fronius Solar.web users can try out the new premium functions for free until October 1st 2015². A free version of Fronius Solar.web with all the necessary functions for daily monitoring will continue to be available in the form of Fronius Solar.web Classic.

Fronius Solar.web App to become a Pro App
From September 2014, the current Fronius Solar.web App will become the Fronius Solar.web Pro App³. At the same time, the free Fronius Solar.web Live App will be introduced.

In addition to the familiar features, from the end of the year the Fronius Solar.web Pro App will boast a professional self-consumption analysis to help reduce energy costs. The optimised monitoring pays for itself, as it prevents yield losses. New functions will continue to be added in the future and regular, free updates will be available for Pro App users.

The Pro App offers many additional and practical applications; for example, it can show multiple PV systems simultaneously and compare their system data. Current values and archived values are clearly displayed. It provides additional information on the PV system, such as the installed inverter types, the number of connected kWp and CO2 data broken down by day.

The appealing visual illustration of the respective PV system enhances clarity. A map also displays the individual sites. The monitoring hardware is integrated as standard in new inverters and no longer needs to be purchased separately.

Fronius Smart Meter optimises self-consumption
The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter; in other words, it measures the energy that flows from the grid into the house and vice versa. It helps to optimise self-consumption and records household load curves. The Fronius Smart Meter has been available since the beginning of September 2014.

Easy system monitoring with the Fronius Datamanager 2.0
The Fronius Datamanager 2.0 will be available from autumn 2014. For the first time, a meter connection to the Fronius Smart Meter has been made possible. The meter connection is established via a Modbus RTU interface, which records self-consumption in the Fronius Solar.web online monitoring portal. This data is used to optimise power consumption in the home, thereby minimising energy costs. Furthermore, third-party components can easily be integrated into the system4.

From November 1st 2014, the Datamanager 2.0 will be integrated into the Fronius Galvo and Fronius Symo SnapINverters as standard. The Fronius Datamanager 2.0 can be retrofitted as a plug-in card in any Fronius inverter. The box version can also be used with any Fronius IG TL, Fronius Agilo and Fronius Agilo TL.

1 This function is available from 2015.
² Once the test period has expired, Fronius Solar.web Premium can be used with all the benefits of the complete range of functions for a monthly fee of € 1.90 (annual fee € 19.00).
³ Subject to a € 2.90 fee.
4 Via the integrated Modbus RTU, SunSpec, Modbus TCP SunSpec and Fronius Solar API (JSON, for current values) interfaces

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