Innowatt24 Invests and Works on 250 MW for Solar Farms

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The company, Innowatt24 from Charlotte, North Carolina announces it is currently working on several large solar parks.

Innowatt24 has worked on several large-scale solar farms worldwide and has its focused on project development, EPC, product placement and sale to investors.

The Chief Executive Officer of Innowatt24 Corp., Sascha Marco Wallantin, announced that they are currently working on project rights in California, Nevada and North Carolina.

Sascha said: “We just checked 3 more projects in South America with a total output of 250 MWp. These projects will be ready for construction quicker and will fit into our concept.”

Innowatt24 already worked on several projects with a total capacity of more than 400 MW.

These projects also include the solar project at the Halifax County Airport in North Carolina with a capacity of 30 MWp and 50 MWp project development in Arizona.

Currently Innowatt24 plans to invest in a solar park. The purchase of the property is imminent.

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