The owner of one rural retreat in Steeple Bumpstead, near the Suffolk border, was particularly concerned about creating the best possible visual impression with his solar project.

• Domestic solar PV installation at a property in Steeple Bumpstead.
• The high-quality TRI-STAND mounting system ensured the installation was both stylish and secure.
• Annual electricity produced: 3,496 kWh.
• Annual savings: 3,085 kg of CO2; £923 on tariff income and energy bills.


Rural Essex home transforms solar power into a style statement A style-conscious homeowner in the north-west corner of Essex was able to combine sustainability with design excellence, by using the seamless TRI-STAND mounting system from TRITEC Energy for a solar installation. A growing number of households are choosing to generate clean, renewable energy on a small scale by adding solar panels to their roofs. However, homeowners are increasingly unwilling to compromise on design aesthetics, opting instead for innovative mounting systems that can improve the look of the solar photovoltaic installation.

The owner of one rural retreat in Steeple Bumpstead, near the Suffolk border, was particularly concerned about creating the best possible visual impression with his solar project. Pleasing to the eye “Our client was very keen to improve the energy efficiency of his home, while benefiting from the government’s Feed-In Tariff subsidy,” comments Robert Flynn, Managing Director of Solarbarn Ltd, the specialist solar PV designers and installers contracted for the job. “However, the client also wanted the solar panels to look appealing. During the design stage, we rejected a number of different mounting systems because they looked obtrusive and unsightly.” “We became familiar with TRITEC’s mounting systems after seeing them at a major solar trade show in Germany,” adds Solarbarn’s Mr Flynn. “We’ve found that TRITEC systems are popular with customers that are keen for the solar array on their roof to look pleasing to the eye.”

Sleek effect At the Steeple Bumpstead home, a 4kWp system of solar PV panels was installed on the garage roof, using 26m of TRITEC’s TRI-STAND black insertion profile and 16m of TRI-STAND universal profile. Using the aluminium TRI-STAND frame, the modules were able to be held in place by their own weight and friction. This meant that the PV modules did not need to be screwed in. For complete safety, TRI-STAND roof hooks and SafeClick connectors secured the installation. “The client was completely satisfied with the appearance of the solar array,” says Solarbarn’s Mr Flynn. “The black frame modules work very well with the black TRITEC insertion rail. There are no gaps between the panels, giving a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing effect. TRI-STAND is the product we use when customers want their solar array to look as good as it possibly can on their roofs.” Energy savings Not only does the solar installation at the Steeple Bumpstead property look appealing, it also functions at a very high level. It is on track to produce 3,496 kWh of clean electricity per year, which translates to a carbon saving of 3,085 kg of CO2. What’s more, the homeowner is expecting to benefit by £923 per year on tariff income and savings on energy bills. Dependent on inflation and electricity prices, this means the project should pay for itself in just nine years. “Small-scale solar arrays are increasingly popular with homeowners,” Steve Griffiths, Sales and Marketing Director at TRITEC UK. “The cost of solar panels is dropping, while the cost of electricity from the grid is rising. However, along with their concerns about energy efficiency, customers are also demanding good-quality, aesthetically-pleasing mounting equipment.

Solar installations can last more than twenty years, making them a lasting addition to the exterior of any home. Therefore, making the right call at the design stage about mounting systems will make a big difference to the future appearance of a property.” The Steeple Bumpstead home offers a blueprint for creating a built-to-last solar installation that has a positive environmental impact without sacrificing style.

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