Renewable Energy Strategy Consultancy Sets Organic Waste Target

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Renewable Energy Strategy, a consultation organisation launched by John Hutton, Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, has announced a proposal designed to restrict the amount of organic waste that typically goes into a landfil

The proposal also intends to maximise its use as a renewable fuel.

The plan outlines a scheme to enable the UK to meet its projected 15% renewable energy target by 2020. If the programme goes as planned nearly one third of electricity will be generated from renewable items. As many eco conscious people know, renewable energy is a key element in a carbon neutral future. There needs to be a radical reduction in greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions if we want to preserve our precious resources.

The organisation is also at methods of boost the provision of Waste Incineration Directive-compliant combustion capacity to permit the burning of wood waste along with other biomass, and how to create a scheme that will make the development of anaerobic digestion plants a cost effective process.

Other proposals include extending the Renewables Obligation Certificate system until 2040.

“Our aim is to reap the maximum benefits for the UK, whilst minimising the costs,” Mr Hutton said.

“Renewable energy is key to our low-carbon energy future. We need to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as diversify our energy sources. As part of this move to a low-carbon economy, we need a step change in renewable energy use in heat, electricity and transport over the next 12 years.”

The Renewable Energy Strategy Consultation has invited comments and suggestions until 26 September 2008

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